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Som sett på TV Care Me Uppladdningsbara elektriska fot Callus Remover-Blue-Daily Steals

Som sett på TV Care Me Uppladdningsbar El-fot Callus Remover

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Varumärke: Omsorg mig

Modell: Uppladdningsbar elfotborttagare

Skick: Ny

Garanti: 6 månaders tillverkargaranti

Förpackning: detaljhandel

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Are you self-conscious about your barefoot with nasty calluses, dry spots, and cracks? Don't be! Care me provides you a solution to boost your confidence and lift up these worries –

Ny och förbättrad modell: POWERFUL ELECTRIC CALLUS REMOVER (modell CM-202 A & B)

Dess funktioner inkluderar: premiumkvalitet uppladdningsbart nickelhydridbatteri, kraftfull motor, LED-ljus, automatisk laddningsindikator.

Du kan inte sätta en prislapp på fördelarna: Do not have time to visit a pedicure salon on a regular basis? Why spend a fortune or no time to visit a Pedi store? Get professional pedicure spa-like result at the convenience of your home and at a fraction cost of pricey foot spa.
Our device will make your feet look clean, healthy, and attractive. It boosts your confidence instantly and gives the respect you deserve in social life. No more hiding in close-end shoes or embarrassing moments by your callused feet. Be confident in sandals or flip flops. Show off your soft and smooth feet all year long!

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We 100% stand by our products by providing a 6 Month Manufacturer's Warranty.




6 månaders tillverkargaranti


  • Improved Powerful Motor spins at an amazing 40 turns/sec to buff away dry, dead, hard, cracked, and calloused skin Effortlessly & Effectively revealing your Healthy & Sexy Feet in Mins. Once fully charged for 8 hrs, this callus removal tool runs powerfully for 40 mins. New Year's Sale 28,73 kr Off for a Limited Time.
  • Premium Rechargeable Battery – Unlike Other callus removers that contain Inferior Batteries (<600 mah) to save cost, ours are 1000 mah (long-lasting) Nickel-Hydride Battery, which can be charged for about 800 times in its life. The savings in batteries pay itself.
  • SMART & SAFETY FEATURES – Charging light indicator turns into green when the battery is full. Safer than a manual foot file or foot scrubber. It comes with a LED light to help you easily see – never miss calluses or rough spots. Model 202 contains 2 styles and 3 colors for him and her.
  • 2 STORA HÅLLBARA RULLAR - Valsar är tillverkade av premiumkvalitetsmikro-mineral som är designat för långvarig användning. En typ av grov rulle passar alla dina behov! Påfyllningar finns på http://www.amazon.com/dp/B011AMRE2I
  • SMOOTH & SOFT FEET GUARANTEED - Pamper your feet with micro pedicure foot care tool in the comfort of your home at a fraction of the cost of foot spa. Go Barefoot all year long! Buy with Confidence - Back up by a 6 Month Manufacturer's Warranty if buy from Brands-Mart.



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